NIKE Dream Chasing


Not sure if you’ve heard, but Nike has been in the news. Some bad (in August the company was sued for sexual discrimination), but mostly good, depending on where you stand on the whole #BlackLivesMatter issue. As a staunch supporter of black lives and equality for said lives, I find myself proud of a brand I’ve loved most of my life taking this stand with Colin Kaepernick. 

Colin, who kicked off a silent and peaceful protest of police brutality and racial inequality during the 2016 NFL season, is the face of Nike’s new campaign. The campaign marks the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” slogan and stars Colin with a handful of other top Nike athletes. The rollout thus far has been stellar. From social to digital to traditional media components, this campaign is EVERYWHERE. It has been woven into Serena’s comeback to the U.S. Open, the kickoff of the NFL season, as well as cool local events. 

While lazily scrolling through my IG feed last Friday night, I came across an ad for a Nike WOMEN BRAHAUS (pronounced bra house) event in Chicago. And yes, sometimes those IG ads capture my attention, moreso than any other social ads. See, advertising works! But, back to the BRAHAUS event, which was held at the Just Do It HQ in Chicago, conveniently located next door to NikeTown. An appointment got you the chance to be sized for a sports bra & try on a few, sample various flavors of kombucha, design a custom bracelet, have your hair braided and personalize a sports bra of your choice! 

One of the coolest things I noticed was part of the phrasing from the anniversary campaign “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it,” on the wall. I walked away with a Nike Shape Zip Bra that I can't wait to try out, personalized with embroidery and a swoosh vinyl sticker (see final outcome in gallery below). Overall, my experience at the event was great. I look forward to seeing what else the Just Do It HQ has in store and to keep dreaming my crazy dream until it comes true. 

Don’t believe me? Check out these pics from the event.

Bonus Bucks

Originally written 1/2/2018.

It's likely you have (or had) some bonus bucks right now. You know, that unexpected money you receive from work or holiday parties or holiday gifts. And because it's a bonus, you OWE it to yourself to treat yourself, or someone worthy with these dollars.

Until recently, I was running around with some bonus bucks of my own, courtesy of my company. And while it's no longer unexpected (they give it out every year), it's still a bonus that I look forward to spending on something guaranteed to make me smile. For 2 1/2 weeks this money was burning a whole in my pocket! Would I use it toward a pair of gym shoes (we say gym shoes in Chicago) I've been coveting, towards some wireless headphones? Who knew? I didn't even know.

Then, a few days before the new year, after unsuccessfully finding the gym shoes I wanted, I wandered into the Dr. Martens store and found these beauties!



It was love at first sight! As soon as I tried them on, I. WAS. IN. LOVE. It was perfect. THEY WERE PERFECT.  It was kismet. AND, I had been in the market for a this very style of Dr. Martens boots. It really was meant to be. But, most importantly, I wouldn't even have these boots if it wasn't for the bonus bucks. So, do yourself a solid and treat yourself with unexpected funds on something fantastic that will bring you as much joy as I get when I step into these Docs.

Update: Rocked these to the OTR II show, and gotta say, it's one of my fave looks this year. Decided to jump on the fannie pack (again) too. 




Life Fueled By Fashion ... And Experiences

If it's not apparent by now, I'll say it again ... my life, is definitely fueled by fashion. It permeates just about everything I do. Often times throughout my day, I'll think about what I might wear the following day. And when it comes to an event, I'm constantly running outfit selections through my mind as the date gets closer. It's who I am. And when I find something I'm truly in love with, I genuinely smile each time I slip on said item. Curating my style and putting it on display is an expression of who I am, and I thoroughly enjoy it!

However, life isn't just about fashion or style or new clothes and shoes. More important than material things are unique experiences that create memories to last a lifetime.  And so, with that, one of my 2018 goals (not resolutions) is to have more experiences that create awesome memories for myself and loved ones. 

If you can't tell, I wrote this months ago. Way back in January. And being that it's now September, looking back, I've had some pretty great experiences this year. A lot of fantastic family time. Attended some cool events. But mostly I think I'm getting back to myself. Reading some, writing some, and ultimately working to be the best version of me. I'm excited to see what these next four months have in store!