NIKE Dream Chasing


Not sure if you’ve heard, but Nike has been in the news. Some bad (in August the company was sued for sexual discrimination), but mostly good, depending on where you stand on the whole #BlackLivesMatter issue. As a staunch supporter of black lives and equality for said lives, I find myself proud of a brand I’ve loved most of my life taking this stand with Colin Kaepernick. 

Colin, who kicked off a silent and peaceful protest of police brutality and racial inequality during the 2016 NFL season, is the face of Nike’s new campaign. The campaign marks the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” slogan and stars Colin with a handful of other top Nike athletes. The rollout thus far has been stellar. From social to digital to traditional media components, this campaign is EVERYWHERE. It has been woven into Serena’s comeback to the U.S. Open, the kickoff of the NFL season, as well as cool local events. 

While lazily scrolling through my IG feed last Friday night, I came across an ad for a Nike WOMEN BRAHAUS (pronounced bra house) event in Chicago. And yes, sometimes those IG ads capture my attention, moreso than any other social ads. See, advertising works! But, back to the BRAHAUS event, which was held at the Just Do It HQ in Chicago, conveniently located next door to NikeTown. An appointment got you the chance to be sized for a sports bra & try on a few, sample various flavors of kombucha, design a custom bracelet, have your hair braided and personalize a sports bra of your choice! 

One of the coolest things I noticed was part of the phrasing from the anniversary campaign “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it,” on the wall. I walked away with a Nike Shape Zip Bra that I can't wait to try out, personalized with embroidery and a swoosh vinyl sticker (see final outcome in gallery below). Overall, my experience at the event was great. I look forward to seeing what else the Just Do It HQ has in store and to keep dreaming my crazy dream until it comes true. 

Don’t believe me? Check out these pics from the event.

The Day Party, The Night Time Alternative?


Let’s face it, sometimes going out sort of feels like work. At least the effort to get yourself in the mood to go out, then figuring out something to wear, then the actual process of getting dressed…sometimes all of that is so daunting, you consider passing on the whole night out. Eventually though, you’re all dressed and ready to go. And it’s probably later than you expected to start the night out, but once you are actually out, you’re out for the long haul. It’s never planned that way, but once you have a couple of drinks with your girls, the fun just doesn't stop. And before you know it, you’ve slept away half of your weekend from an Instant Classic night out, you feel like crap, and dammit, the weekend is almost over. 

But, what if you could have all of that fun, minus the hassle of convincing yourself you want to go out. A few drinks, good times with your friends, and still fully enjoy your weekend…who isn’t down for that? Well, you can (and probably have) partaken in such an activity…commonly referred to as the Day Party. 

Day Parties are nothing new, but it seems as if the sheer number of them has increased on any given weekend in recent years. And it’s fairly easy to understand their appeal or preference in some cases. The same party environment you experience in the wee hours of the night/morning, smack dab in the middle of the day is fun. Mostly because day drinking is fun! And well, it’s a fun way to spend part of your weekend. You’re out and about, socializing and NOT sleeping away part of your weekend. With the day party, you’re actually making god use of your weekend. And if you play it just right, you have the ability to do something before and after, ensuring you aren’t just wasting away the those magical 48 hours you dream about during the long work week. 

The appeal for this event is obvious, but is the appeal so strong that it could replace the traditional night time version? I highly doubt it. But, for some of us who've since tired of those long nights partying until the sun comes up, the Day Party is quite the enticing alternative. Party for a few hours during the day, and home in time for movie night? What's not to love? If you haven't made it out to a day party yet, shame on you! Partake in this fun and not so new party alternative, and enjoy your weekend!


Summer, Summer, Summer Time...

<a href="">Chicago Lake Michigan</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

Summer's in full swing, though you couldn't tell by the mild temps in Chicago. We just passed the halfway mark of the year and summer (Happy 4th!) even though it seems like it just started. Before you know it, it'll be time for football and school. But, until then we have to bask in the glory of the warm-ish temps. We spend so much time cooped up indoors during the extended winter season that we have to take advantage of the beauty of the summer months!

<a href="">Welcome To The Taste Of Chicago</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href=“">(license)</a>

And if you're in Chicago, that's pretty easy to do. From festivals of all kinds, parades, block parties, movies and concerts in the park (I could go on) there is no shortage of outdoor fun. In fact, the Taste Of Chicago is happening as we speak (or as you read) and combines a few of these activities in one event! A slew of concerts, delicious food, beautiful weather (fingers crossed) and you have the setting for an epic summer outing. Ms. Badu is hitting the stage tonight, and if you don't have tickets, don't worry, there is plenty of lawn seating available to you! Just grab a blanket, hit up a few food vendors and enjoy a night of great music and friends in the city in the midwest, best city in the whole wide world (in my Lupe voice)!