Kanye & Kim – Real Relationship Or Publicity Stunt?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a couple. A couple of what, I’m not so sure, the jury is still out on that. They are said to be “in love”, something that Kanye revealed to the world through song, stating that he fell in love with the reality star at the same time she “fell in love” with Kris Humphries.

But it’s hard to believe either of them, as they are both known to do things merely for attention. So, when two of the biggest media whores around now find themselves in love, it’s a little far-fetched.  It’s a little too convenient, what with Kim’s image suffering after her record setting 72-day marriage and Kanye, well just needing attention.

It also doesn’t hurt that a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be starting soon. And with the success of Watch The Throne behind him, Kanye doesn’t really have anything to promote, so why not his relationship with Kim? It’s perfect timing, which is all the more reason to doubt the sincerity of this relationship.

The pairing of the two doesn’t really put Kim in the most believable light either. She’s not even divorced from Kris, who despite his less than charming personality, seemed to really care for her. And even if she legitimately realized her marriage was a mistake, it seems a little rushed to already be madly in love with someone else. At this point no one believes she isn’t above faking love for money and attention, considering she reportedly earned millions from her marriage to Humphries. 

As Kimye continue on “loves” journey, we will see whether this relationship is based on true feelings or if it indeed is a publicity stunt. And while on this journey, I’m sure we’ll be inundated with pictures of them at various events proving their love. For now, I’m a nonbeliever, no matter how many times we seen them kissing, cuddling or enjoying the Laker game courtside.