Life Is A Fashion Show

There’s always so much chatter about how we ladies dress and for whom we are dressing for. Well, I’m here to settle it once and for all fellas, we dress for ourselves and sometimes for each other. That’s right, when I’m putting together a super kyndafly look; I’m doing it to look my most fly and well, for the accolades of my fellow fashionistas. Not to say we don’t appreciate when a gentleman values our innate fashion sense, but we are usually looking for applause from the same sex.

It’s kind of how you guys like to one up each other when playing video games or doing shots, we participate in an unspoken fashion competition. Basically we like to live our lives as though they are real life fashion shows, whether at work or a night on the town. And we can’t wait to strut down the runway (also known as the street or hallway). In fact, there are so many purchases that are so pleasing, so much so that I can’t wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe and show it off for my girls. And while each of us always wants to be the most fly, we can’t help but compliment our fellow kyndafly chicks on their fashion hits.

This phenomenon is no better represented than with the plethora of images uploaded to social media networks on the daily showcasing us ladies in our best fits. What better option is there to share a fabulous look with all your friends? So fellas, while you often reap the benefit of seeing us in our best looks, know that deep down, it’s really something we do it for our friends and ourselves. I think Drake said it best, “And you don’t do it for the men, men never notice, you just do it for yourself, you the f*****g coldest.”

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