What is Kyndafly?

If you can read, you are aware that “Kyndafly” is a made up word, but it’s a made up word with a cute story about it’s origin. My best girlfriend and I were chatting on the phone and trying to figure out what we were going to wear to an event (which is a very regular thing for us to do). So, as she was describing her outfit, I am envisioning it (I know her wardrobe pretty well, so this is easy to do) and I say, that’s “kind of fly”. But, it was more than “kinda fly”, in essence it was a really dope outfit that she created from the many, many, many pieces in her closet. Later when we were trying to think of a name for our blog, we remembered the phrase “kind of fly”. The phrase eventually evolved into “Kyndafly” after the search for a domain name, and really “Kyndafly” is way more appropriate and totally suits us and the brand. 

Here is the formal definition:

Kyndafly - adj; derived from the phrase “kind of fly” 

  1. used in reference to creating an outfit off the cuff, 
  2. creating something on the spur of the moment that actually looks like it took a lot of time to put together 
  3. an attitude of confidence

Origin: When discussing an outfit for an event with a girlfriend, I processed the look she was creating through my mind and I said, “I like that, that’s kind of fly.”

So, the next time you see something you really like, a fly outfit, dope earrings or whatever it is, you can use the term “Kyndafly”! Spread the word…