Kyndafly Spotlight: Nordstrom, Inc.


Since it’s inception, Nordstrom has always been a business that thrives on providing excellent customer service. In fact, it’s how they went from one shoe store in the early 1900s to a multi-billion dollar entity with tons of department stores and Nordstrom Rack stores across the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. With their ability to exceed customer expectations, it’s no wonder that they have translated that talent into the digital world as well. 

Being an avid shopper and lover of fashion, it was a natural extension for me to follow this brand socially. I mean, Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores to frequent, with Nordstrom Rack as my #1 (hey, it’s a better fit for my wallet). And in doing just that, I discovered that Nordstrom is AWESOME at extending their stellar customer service to the world of social media. So, here's a rundown of how they keep me interested in what they are doing socially.

  1. Personable - It's so important that brands use social media in a way to humanize themselves to their favorite consumers and Nordstrom does this well. The brand doesn't come off stuffy and doesn't bombard followers with corporate information. Instead they keep fans up to date with the latest fashion trends, sales, store events and much more!
  2. Engagement - By really understanding their customer, Nordstrom is able to easily garner engagement with their fans and followers. And how well do they know their customer? So well that they often share images of items these ladies and gents didn’t even know they wanted yet! It gets even better, Nordstrom Rack in particular often provides buying info needed to help customers find items they are looking for. I’ve definitely benefited from this practice, scoring a pair of shoes at the closest Rack store I could find!
  3. Interaction - This goes hand in hand with engagement, in that not only do the Nordstrom brands get engagement from their customers aka fans/followers, but they interact with said customers as well. Either by answering questions, complimenting or sharing customer purchases, Nordstrom truly makes their customers feel special!

So, do yourself a favor and give Nordstrom (@nordstrom) and Nordstrom Rack (@nordstrom_rack) a Twitter follow and here for the 'Gram (@nordstrom, @nordstromrack). Also, be sure to look up your favorite stores, as they will more than likely have their own social media accounts. Happy social media-ing!



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