Leggings As Pants ... At Work? Nah


Ladies, ladies, ladies, we need to have a talk. I want you to really pay attention to the words you’re about to read. Leggings are not appropriate for work. I repeat, leggings are not appropriate for work. Here’s the thing; that should really be a no brainer, but the way many companies have relaxed dress code standards, leggings have slipped in under the radar, offering obvious comfort in the workplace. 

And comfort at work isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we as a people, or gender have pushed it too far. Alas, I’m here to help! Because, there’s really a simple rule to help you decide if your clothes are work appropriate. If you’d wear it to the club or gym, then you shouldn’t wear it to work, unless of course you work at a club or gym. But, you know, I’m an understanding person and can see how we got to this place. We work hard, put in long hours and some days getting dressed in the morning is more of a challenge then we’d like. And it can be so easy to throw on your favorite, comfy pair of leggings and keep it moving. But, we HAVE to fight the urge, for so many reasons. The most important being that leggings do not look professional. No matter if you are allowed to wear jeans on the daily (I am), leggings as pants just don't work for the office. And really, this Chicago weather just doesn’t really accommodate wearing leggings, because there’s no way you not freezing in your leggings as pants ensemble. So, I beg of you to challenge yourself in the mornings and rely on actual pants and skirts and dresses to inspire a work look that will not only ensure you are hitting high level chic-ness, but also gives you the confidence you need to tackle your work day!

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