I've been inconsistent with my passion, writing. It kynda (see what I did there :)) bums me out, but it's the reality of the situation. I can't put my finger on why exactly I haven't been writing consistently, other than having a lack of motivation. Which is also a bummer.

Last fall I started journaling again, and even writing more poetry. It's been fun and therapeutic expressing myself in this way. It's so rewarding building off an idea with my words. Creating something from nothing, that I feel so energized by. Spurring even more ideas and goals from the original idea! Life is the best catalyst for creative expression, something I knew to be true, but was reminded of recently.

So, in an effort to turn Kyndafly into something that I would want to read and engage (work lingo, lol) with, I'm going to try & share how my life is fueled by fashion on the reg. Because, my life, really is fueled by fashion. Be it scouring the Internet for some dope new kicks, or rummaging through my closet to turn something old into something fabulous again, my personal style defines my day-to-day life.

See you around these Internet streets!