Style Over Fashion


I've always believed I LOVED fashion. And don't get me wrong, I do. I love flipping through Vogue and InStyle to learn about upcoming fashion trends. Or you know, perusing my fave blogs to see what exactly I should be wearing right now. I immediately click on any article about the fashion industry and do my best to know what is happening in the world of fashion.

But after a bit more introspection, I think what I really LOVE is style. More importantly, fine tuning my own personal style. And in that way, my life really is fueled by fashion. I'm always seeking that one item that will set my wardrobe off, or those several items. Shoes, blazers, jeans, flirty tops, accessories ... I could go on, but I don't want to ramble. 

I love curating my style; I take great pleasure when I'm complimented on a look I put together. It drives me to out-do myself. And really, nothing is better than that moment when an outfit I styled in my head comes together in real life ... utter satisfaction! Better than I expected. The best part about style, is that it's ever evolving. 

So cheers to your ever-evolving style!